Why Choose Us?

HTR Asia designs and develops cutting-edge global IT solutions that empower top IT companies processes and decisions. We deeply value the connections we develop with our clients, partners, and co-workers. Even as a small team of homegrown staff, we have delivered successful and timely solutions to every project we take on.


Managed Application

Accelerate transformation with integrated applications.

  • Solutions designed to enable client business growth and business continuity.
  • End-to-end service integrations across platforms and tools.
  • Performance optimization for fast processing.
  • Highest security and data privacy standards.
  • Highest quality standards, agility, customer, and user.

Infrastructure Management

Modernize Infrastructure

  • Highly scalable infrastructure which enhances cost-efficiency.
  • Integrated delivery ecosystem for seamless support for the core business.
  • Artificial Intelligence is leveraged to obtain maximum opportunity in the value chain.
  • Enterprise Information Architecture Strategy to support future growth and transformation needs.
  • Modern Device Management to fit end-user needs
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Future Technology

We deliver end-to-end components for the IoT business all from a single source.


  • Effective data-driven decision-making.
  • Promotes improved infrastructure through predictive analytics.
  • Increases digital equity through affordable and reliable devices.
  • Enhances citizens and government engagement through user-friendly digital services.
  • A smart solution that ensures efficient use of resources and cost optimizations.

Ancillary Servicest

  Speciality services and functions that facilitate and support the continuous flow of our IT solutions meet both internal and external demands. IT business consulting with:

  • Holistic quality approach by adopting an ecosystem-centric view of quality.
  • Data literacy and business acumen to exploit augmented analytics.
  • Practices that will enable clients to meet the increasing effectiveness and agility demands of digital business.
  • Packaging of people, processes, and technologies to support the delivery of specific business capabilities.
  • Security monitoring capabilities in the operating environment.
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These questions are crucially important to businesses and digital growth

Product Over Projects

Priorities and budgets are set for business capabilities and products, not projects

Client-Centric Design

Client business journey mapping is used to guide design

Adaptive Business Engagement

Business engagement approach flexes based on business contex

Applications Building Blocks

APIs, platforms, data and reusable services reduce effort and accelerate delivery

Data Strategy Over Ownership

Coherent strategy and guidelines around data allow for rapid exploitation by clients

Strategy Over Governance, Management Over Operations

Clients refocus on facilitating strategy, innovation, change and enterprise data

Agile, DevOps, continuous Delivery

Integrated delivery, engineering and support boost responsiveness and output 

Cloud-Based Scalable Infrastructure

IT automation and cloud platforms cuts time to scale

Adaptive Skills and Mindset

Organization become technically versatile, collaborative and open to innovation