Our Solutions

HTR Cloud

HTR Cloud is our very own private cloud specifically designed to host the application/solutions of our clients. HTR Cloud is famous for standardization, configuration, operation workflow, resolving data residency concerns with competitive pricing. Explore our highlighted features.

HTR Supply Chain Control Tower

HTR Supply Chain Control Tower (SCCT) system leverages Big Data Analytics and IoT technologies. Control Tower System is specifically designed as a Central Hub to have end-to-end visibility in real-time of the Supply Chain goods/items travelled. This system has capabilities to detect, analyze and act with the exception management across the supply chain including the supplier and customers to predict and mitigate bottlenecks. .

SME Digital Transformation

HTR Asia has always strived to make innovative solutions, like leveraging cloud technologies or evaluating sales, marketing and financial processes to integrate multiple systems across these business functions. Overall this enables improved decision making with better efficiency, enhanced customer experiences, added loyalty, and even attract new business.

Cyber Security

For continual risk reduction and compliance with corporate policies and external requirements, use our next-generation cloud solution. Identify, prioritize, and track remediation and exception management to ensure compliance.

Information Technology Education

The School of IT is modelled to accommodate students and talents from multiple education levels, starting from SPM/O Level up to the ladder of Diploma, Graduate, Post-Graduate, and even those who would like to have a career shift. This is a great platform for aspiring talents and every passionate individual who wishes to reskill themselves and seek to start to advance their education journey.

Professional IT Services

Due to strong demands for IT manpower and the difficulties to source and deploying suitable IT talents on a timely basis to meet project timelines, many organizations have embraced and worked with third-party companies to handle the full spectrum of their IT staffing needs, including recruitment, onboarding, staff management, payroll processing, resignation, and termination.

Business Process Outsourcing Services

HTR Asia's Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Creating business continuity for better, more intelligent workflows to transform your organization. We ensure benefits from implementing the practice of BPO that will be more flexible and achieve cost efficiency. Our products are designed to secure facilities, support and bolster the prevailing processes, and project resources in an organization.

IT Consumer and Enterprise Hardware / Software Services

Our enterprise systems are large-scale application software packages that support business processes, information flows, reporting, and data analytics in complex organizations. These systems are designed to manage large volumes of critical data, high levels of transaction performance and data security.

Digital Dashboard

HTR Asia provides digital dashboard services that help businesses transform their traditional reporting methods to real-time, data-driven decision-making through our digital dashboard solutions. Our team of experienced developers and data analysts work closely with our clients to create custom digital dashboards that are tailored to their specific needs and goals.

Website Application System

HTR Asia offers website application system services which help businesses of all sizes build and maintain their online presence. Our team of skilled developers and creative designers collaborate closely with our clients to deliver custom website and application solutions that are precisely aligned with their business objectives, target audience preferences, and user experience expectations.